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Fish does not get fresher than this!

Fresh Seafood brought to you from Fishermen Direct

Our staff (Dixie, Jeff, John, Bruce, Deirdre, Teresa, Dustin, Phil and Laurie ) wear many hats - Captain, bait boy, fish processor, display designer, sales clerk, marketing manager, customer service, receptionist, shipping clerk, and security. Our crew plays every position necessary to bring you the freshest fish possible - from the ocean to your table.

Shipping is available to any point in the United States (and points beyond when we can). We'd love to be able to ship to you Internationally, but the shipping companies can't keep our fish as fresh as the Pacific Ocean can. See for yourself when you visit our store in Gold Beach Oregon and experience the freshness for yourself.

Seafood Update: 


STORE HOURS : Mon thru Sat 8:00am to 5:30pm , Closed Sunday. SPORT PROCESSING HAS BEEN SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19. No fillet, vac pack, freezing  ect. until further notice

2019 / 20 Dungeness Crab Season .  Crab season is now open. We have whole cooked, live and picked meat avalable now. ODFW Crab news  / Crab News Link  

2020 Commercial Salmon Season is now open.Fresh salmon is now available at $22.50 lb Frozen deli packages are available at $22.50 lb

  • We Now Offer Fresh NOVA LOX made from our Troll caught Chinook Salmon with our in-house cold smoke process. $32.50 lb
  • FRESH SABLE LOX ,  Silky smooth and cold smoked with a hint of fresh garlic added  $28.95 lb Click here to view lox
  • Oregon Pink Shrimp 2020 season is now open. Fresh and frozen shrimp is now in stock.
  • Black Cod / Sable Season March thru November. We always have frozen fillets and smoked available year round
  • Albacore Tuna 2020 season is getting going . Current price is $9.50 lb for loins. We have plenty of frozen loins available in our blast freezer
  • Rock fish season is open  and fresh is usually available, but if not we have frozen fillets in our freezer case
  • Lingcod season now open  call us to see if fresh is available. Plenty of Frozen deli packs in our freezers 
  • Pacific Halibut Season opener 6/22 thru 6/24 Frozen deli packs in stock now for $21.50 lb
  • Smoked Salmon, Salmon Jerky, Blackcod, oysters, and assorted smoked fish are available year round.
  • Canned products and gift baskets are available on-line thru our Pay Pal shopping cart or  just a phone call away   1-888-523-9494




The 2019 Commercial Wild Chinook Salmon Season opened April 15th,and ran thru October 31st. Will keep you posted on the 2020 Season when it happens. We would like to thank everyone who loves to eat  Salmon for their patience in previous years of closure. Fishermen Direct encourages all people who love to eat Wild Chinook Salmon to get involved with your local watershed council.



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New baby Skates are born in the Fishermen Direct aquarium.A local television station came to the store to film the video below.
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Fishermen Direct is pleased to bring you a short video of the baby octopus rescued and housed in their facility in Gold Beach Oregon.  Come visit us to see for yourself...!


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