Connie - Fishermen Direct Sales

Hi! I am Connie Szymczak. I have lived in Gold Beach almost all my life. My parents moved here when I was just 4-years-old. The logging industry brought my family to this area. My father was a timber faller and there was a lot of logging going on back then. I started working at Fishermen Direct back in 2001. I started out learning how to fillet rockfish and salmon, how to load the smoker, and how to cook big pots of Dungeness crab.

I like doing the many different jobs always waiting at the fish shop. I have learned a lot about fishy facts about fish, but the most important thing I learned is how to take care of fish you might eat. This careful handling makes such a difference in the quality of the fish we sell. The crew at Fishermen Direct works hard to keep our excellent reputation for fresh and fresh frozen fish products. I am proud to be a Fishermen Direct fish-monger!