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Added code to Protostar Template index.php (allows for additional drop down levels)

Add this code before the closing </body> tag

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
// add dropdown to the list element that contains first dropdown list
$(' > li.parent').addClass('dropdown');
// add dropdown-toggle, data-toggle and disabled to the main dropdown <a> (allows it to work correctly on the ipad, requiring a rollover to show the menu
$(' > li.parent > a').addClass('dropdown-toggle').attr('data-toggle', 'dropdown').attr('disabled', '');
// adds dropdown-menu to the first dropdown (basically the whole first menu)
$(' > li.parent > ul.nav-child').addClass('dropdown-menu');
// add dropdown-submenu to the list element that contains the submenu (this adds the arrow to the element)
$('ul.nav-child > li.parent').addClass('dropdown-submenu');
// add dropdown menu to the submenu ul (basically the whole other menu) and style it with nav-child-sub
$('ul.nav-child > li.parent > ul.nav-child').addClass('dropdown-menu').removeClass('nav-child').addClass('nav-child-sub');

Also added css to custom.css style sheet.