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Hardwood Smoked Canned Tuna

For this unique smoked-canned recipe, the albacore tuna is first marinated with a delicious sugar cure, and then lightly smoked with natural hardwoods before canning. Delicious right from the can, or make a wonderful gourmet salad.
Full Case of 24 - 6.5 oz Cans $190.00 (shipping included) Buy it online below
Call to order individual 6.5 oz cans $7.95 ea
Call to order individual 3 oz cans $5.00 ea
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1/2 Case (12)  6.5oz cans - $ 98.00
(Shipping included continental US only)

Case of 24 6.5oz cans - $ 190.00
(Shipping included continental US only)

1/2 Case (12)  3oz Lunchbox cans - $ 70.00
(Shipping included continental US only)

Case of 24 3oz Lunchbox cans - $ 120.00
(Shipping included continental US only)

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Lingcod fillets
$9.95 lb
Blackrock fillets
$7.95 lb
Smoked Wild Chinook Salmon
$28.50 lb.
Smoked Salmon Jerky
$30.95 lb.
Smoked Sable Fish
(Black cod)
$24.95 lb.
Smoked Lingcod
$18.50 lb
Smoked Oysters
$28.95 lb.
Smoked Albacore Tuna
$16.95 lb.
Nova Lox
$30.50 lb
Oregon Pink Shrimp
$7.50 lb.
Shucked Oysters
$10.50 lb.
Oysters in the shell
$10.50 doz.
Steamer Clams
$6.95 lb.

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We have an excellent selection of frozen seafood products which can be shipped today!

  • Chinook Salmon $15.95 lb
    Pink Shrimp $7.50 lb
  • Scallops  10/20 ct $17.95 lb
  • Petrale Sole $10.50 lb
  • Yellow Fin Tuna $14.95 lb
  • Albacore Tuna $6.95 lb
  • Ling Cod Filet $9.95 lb
  • Rock Fish Filet $7.95 lb
  • Calamari Steaks $7.95 lb
  • Razor Clams $21.00 lb
  • Sable Fish Filet $15.95 lb
    Pacific Halibut $18.50 lb

And Much More!


20080801_2006-020_Scott_160.jpgSCOTT BOLEY
Managing Partner, Fisherman
1948 ~ 2007

Scott Boley, a model husband, father, fisherman, businessman, community member...and a visionary.

Scott's presence remains strong at Fishermen Direct.  Every piece of fish that is sold has Scott's mark on it in many ways.  Scott was behind the refrigeration, and the packaging, and the smoking, and the canning, and the displays, and the shipping methods. Scott was the inspiration for many things.