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Albacore Tuna Loins

Our Albacore Tuna is hand caught from Oregon coastal Troll Fishing vessels.(hook & line) It is quickly bled and chilled in an ice slurry.Delivered directly to us for processing, we individually fillet each Tuna into 4 loins then vacuum seal and flash freeze them to ensure you the freshest product around. Our Blast Freezer is maintained at minus 10 degrees for optimum storage of these superior loins.We generally process enough loins for the year,and with our 4mil vacuum seal bags and super cold freezers these loins are great any time of the year.

Fresh Frozen loins are ready to order at $6.95 lb Call us today  1-888-523-9494



Lingcod fillets
$9.95 lb
Blackrock fillets
$7.95 lb
Smoked Wild Chinook Salmon
$28.50 lb.
Smoked Salmon Jerky
$30.95 lb.
Smoked Sable Fish
(Black cod)
$24.95 lb.
Smoked Lingcod
$18.50 lb
Smoked Oysters
$28.95 lb.
Smoked Albacore Tuna
$16.95 lb.
Nova Lox
$30.50 lb
Oregon Pink Shrimp
$7.50 lb.
Shucked Oysters
$10.50 lb.
Oysters in the shell
$10.50 doz.
Steamer Clams
$6.95 lb.

And Much More!!!

We have an excellent selection of frozen seafood products which can be shipped today!

  • Chinook Salmon $15.95 lb
    Pink Shrimp $7.50 lb
  • Scallops  10/20 ct $17.95 lb
  • Petrale Sole $10.50 lb
  • Yellow Fin Tuna $14.95 lb
  • Albacore Tuna $6.95 lb
  • Ling Cod Filet $9.95 lb
  • Rock Fish Filet $7.95 lb
  • Calamari Steaks $7.95 lb
  • Razor Clams $21.00 lb
  • Sable Fish Filet $15.95 lb
    Pacific Halibut $18.50 lb

And Much More!


20080730_DSC_7265_Bruce.jpgBruce Perdikis
Partner / Operations Manager

My name is Bruce Perdikis and I came to work for Fishermen's Direct Seafood in April of 2003. As of January 1st 2010, I am now a proud Partner in the business. Back in April of 2003 the cannery building was being remodeled and Fishermen Direct needed some interior work done.  Scott Boley hired me for my skills as a carpenter to build the Market's new shipping room.  This project turned out well and led to many more.