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This delicious product starts with fresh Fillets of Black Cod also known as Sable fish or Butter fish. The fillets are brined with sea salt then
let rest under refrigeration for 12 hours before being cold smoked. This Japanese style traditional recipe is (courtesy of Sparkie and Gene Baumann)
The smoking process takes approximately 6 to 8 Hours until golden brown,then cooled,vacuumed sealed and frozen.
To prepare this fish you simply thaw in vac-bags in cold water for 20 minutes then steam over boiling water for 20 minutes
(bamboo steamer works terrific) This delicious fish needs no additional seasonings and is rich in healthful omega-3's

Order yours today and enjoy this unique fish. Packaged with 4 to 5 pieces per bag ( 1/3 lb approximately)

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Lightly Smoked Sable Fish - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach OR