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Rockfish and Lingcod from Fishermen Direct

  • There are about 68 species of rockfishes found in the waters along the coast of North America. Most of these species are important the commercial fishing industry. Rockfish found at Fishernen Direct are divided into Blacks - including Black Rockfish (black bass) and Blue Rockfish (priestfish), or Reds - Vermilion Rockfish On special occasions, if our fishermen are really lucky, we may have fresh Copper Rockfish, Quillback Rockfish (orange-spotted rockfish), or China Rockfish (yellowstripe rockfish). Fishermen Direct recommends that all large BFF (Big Fat Females) rockfishes, be released back into the ocean. BFF's lay bigger and better and more eggs than smaller females. Two great books on Rockfishes are The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific by Milton S. Love, Mary Yoklavich and Lyman Thorstrinson and (for those of us who love picture books) Guide to the Northeast Pacific Rockfishes By Donald E. Kramer and Victoria M. O'Connell.
  • Fishermen Direct also has available fresh and fresh-frozen lingcod. This fish is not related to the cod but is a member of the Pacific greenling familly. This whole fish can be stuffed and baked, but usually is cut into fillets that can be poached, sauteed or broiled. Fishermen Direct strongly encourages our fishermen to return BBF lingcod back into the ocean. We find up to 18-pound lingcod's taste the best. Check out our Fishermen Direct Smoked Lingcod for an extra-yummy treat!
    Call us today at Fishermen Direct 1-888-523-9494 for prices on this fish!
    Fishermen Direct locally caught, on or near the Rogue River Reef, hook-and-line rockfish and lingcod are delicious!