Fishermen Direct

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Shipping liability Statement

Fishermen Direct Seafood acts  solely as an agent for UPS, Fedex, and  USPS shipping companies. We are not responsible for Lost, Late, or Damaged packages due to handling, weather delays, or any other circumstances beyond our control. We will summit claims to the appropriate company if possible on our customers behalf when we can.

Canned Goods And Gift Baskets

All our Canned Seafood and Gift Baskets ship via UPS or US. Postal Service

Most Orders Ship Same Day, Call Us Now  Fishermen Direct at 1-888-523-9494




Fresh and Frozen Seafood Shipments

We use UPS Nextday air for all our Fresh and Frozen shipments.Your order is carefully packaged and shipped with dry ice or freezer gel packs.

Whole cooked or Live crab will ship overnight with freezer gelpacks. cooler prices only (Does not include shipping or cost of Crab)
Styro containers small (holds 4 cooked crab) $11.00 plus gelpacks $1.50ea
medium container (holds up to 8 cooked crab) $12.00 plus gelpacks  $1.50ea
Live crab may take larger container due to size and packing ability

Fresh Fish orders must go overnight due to the life of the freezer packs (24hrs)

Frozen orders ship UPS Nextday air with dryice

Call Us Today For A Quote   Fishermen Direct 1-888-523-9494

Bruce packs your fish using modern shipping techniques and materials.
Fresh should be shipped overnight.  Frozen can usually take two days.


Lingcod fillets
$9.95 lb
Blackrock fillets
$7.95 lb
Smoked Wild Chinook Salmon
$28.50 lb.
Smoked Salmon Jerky
$30.95 lb.
Smoked Sable Fish
(Black cod)
$24.95 lb.
Smoked Lingcod
$18.50 lb
Smoked Oysters
$28.95 lb.
Smoked Albacore Tuna
$16.95 lb.
Nova Lox
$30.50 lb
Oregon Pink Shrimp
$7.50 lb.
Shucked Oysters
$10.50 lb.
Oysters in the shell
$10.50 doz.
Steamer Clams
$6.95 lb.

And Much More!!!

We have an excellent selection of frozen seafood products which can be shipped today!

  • Chinook Salmon $15.95 lb
    Pink Shrimp $7.50 lb
  • Scallops  10/20 ct $17.95 lb
  • Petrale Sole $10.50 lb
  • Yellow Fin Tuna $14.95 lb
  • Albacore Tuna $6.95 lb
  • Ling Cod Filet $9.95 lb
  • Rock Fish Filet $7.95 lb
  • Calamari Steaks $7.95 lb
  • Razor Clams $21.00 lb
  • Sable Fish Filet $15.95 lb
    Pacific Halibut $18.50 lb

And Much More!


Managing Partner

Welcome to Fishermen Direct, our fresh fish store, started in 1998 as the dream of four local Gold Beach fisher people - John Wilson, Jeff Werner, Scott and Dixie Boley. At that time John fished the F/V Helen Marie. Jeff fished the F/V Deanna Maria. Scott was fishing F/V Frances with me, Dixie, as his partner/wife in our Mom and Pop family operation.