Filleting your catch: Our fish cutters are knowledgeable and skillful,for maximum recovery.We generally remove the rib bones on salmon fillets unless you wish otherwise 

SALMON  $6.00 fillet or steak  $2.00 additional if fish is not cleaned  $3.00 trim and debone if necessary to fit into vac-pac bag

JACKS & STEELHEAD $4.00 fillet 

VACUUM PACKING  $1.00 bag  $2.00 for larger whole side bags

FREEZING YOUR FISH  our blast freezer freezes your fish solid in just a few hours. This fast freezing gives superior quality.                       $3.00 tray (tray holds approx 1 fish)   $4.00 check-in fee for Customers with home packaged fish for freezing.

STORAGE   If we process the fish ,one day's storage is included--- after that storage is $2.00 @ Day

CUSTOM SALMON SMOKING  Smoking charge includes all cutting,curing and smoking, based on weigh-in weight.---There are no fillet charges **  (vac-packing is extra  @ $1 per bag)  We use a special wet brine (gluton free) process that gives superior smoked fish,not as salty as most commercial cures. The process takes at least 4 days

$3.75/lb for regular or peppered smoked. $4.50/lb for salmon jerky (large fish only)  $7.00/lb for Nova lox --$2.00/lb for slicing (large fish only and minimum 5 / lb fillets)     Minimum Smoking Fee is $20.00

CANNING YOUR FISH:  We can have your fish canned for you at Chucks Seafood in Charleston,Oregon. The fish can then be shipped to you,or held for your pickup. Allow a minimum of 3 weeks for processing and transportation,depending on the canning schedules! Fish may be frozen prior to canning.  You get YOUR fish!    $3.25 @ can for regular salmon/steelhead  $4.30 @ can for smoked salmon/steelhead

BULK ICE AVAILABLE  $2.50 bag  $6medium ice chest $10 large ice chest $12 jumbo ice chest 

ice and rock salt $2 @ ice chest for pickups  Airplane pack $5.00 @ cooler (We have styro shipping coolers for sale)