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Custom made-to-order Gift Baskets

Pick your items from our list of products! We assemble them in an attractive wicker basket, decorative fill, assorted salt water taffy, and shrink wrapping.  (basket & decorative fill & wrapping are free of charge.)
Standard ground shipping is $25.00

Misty Meadows Jams & Jellies – net wt 13oz jars. Flavors incl.  Peach jam, Red Raspberry jam, No sugar added Marionberry jam, Boysenberry jam & Blueberry jam. Prices may vary $5.95-$7.75ea

Misty Meadows Seedless Jams and Marmalades – net wt 13oz jars. Flavors incl. Marvelous marmalade, Pineapple marmalade, Seedless Marionberry jam & Cranberry marmalade. Prices may vary $5.95-$6.95ea 

Misty Meadows Hot Pepper Jellies – net wt 13oz jars. Flavors incl. Garlic, Habanero, and Cranberry. This is great on crackers with our smoked canned salmon. Prices may vary $7.00-$7.75ea

Misty Meadows Assorted Butters – net wt 13oz jars. Flavors incl.  Apple, Peach, and Pear butter  $7.00ea

Pistol River Mushroom Company – net wt 4oz. Flavors incl.  Mushroom Parmesan, Mushroom Garlic, Mushroom Cajun, and Mushroom Ultimate seasoning $4.75ea

Inglehoffer Mustards – net wt 4oz. Flavors incl.  Extra-hot Horseradish Mustard, Cranberry Mustard, and Creamy Dill Mustard. Prices may vary $2.50- $2.75ea

Inglehoffer Horseradish – net wt 4oz. Flavors incl. Thick n Creamy Horseradish and Extra hot Horseradish. Prices may vary $2.50-$2.75ea

Victoria Taylor Spices – Flavors incl. Honey Aleppo Pepper 6.8oz, Ginger Citrus 5.7oz, Seafood 2.7oz, Toasted Sesame 5.4oz, Zesty Lemon Herb 5oz, Sesame Teriyaki 5.1oz, No Salt Lemon Pepper 5.3oz, Blackening Rub 6.4oz $8.50ea

Old Bay Seasoning – net wt 6oz $6.95ea

The Ginger People Organic Sushi Ginger – net wt 6.7oz $4.95ea

Capote Capers – net wt 3oz jar $2.00ea

Fishermen’s Direct Seasoned Panko – 6oz. Flavors incl. Garlic Dill, Parmesan, and Mexicana. Great for making any kind of fish cakes! $3.95ea

Genuine Oregon BBQ Sauce – net wt 20oz. Flavors incl. Walla Walla Onion and Walla Walla Hot Onion $6.95ea

Call us today to create your custom basket 1-888-523-9494 or choose from our favorite selections below.