Fish does not get fresher than this!

Fresh from ocean to table

locally fished & processed

Fresh, Frozen, Canned & more

Our crew plays every position necessary to bring you the freshest fish possible – from the ocean to your table.

Our staff (Dixie, Jeff, John, Bruce, Deirdre, Teresa, Sarah, and Phil ) wear many hats – Captain, bait boy, fish processor, display designer, sales clerk, marketing manager, customer service, receptionist, shipping clerk, and security.

Shipping is available to any point in the United States (and points beyond when we can). We’d love to be able to ship to you Internationally, but the shipping companies can’t keep our fish as fresh as the Pacific Ocean can. See for yourself when you visit our store in Gold Beach Oregon and experience the freshness for yourself.


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In Our Coolers

Dungeness Crab
whole cooked $8.95 lb
Chinook Salmon fillets
$29.95 lb
Chinook Salmon steaks $29.95 lb
Lingcod fillets
$12.95 lb
Blackrock fillets
$9.25 lb
Smoked Wild Chinook Salmon
$33.95 lb.
Smoked Salmon Jerky
$36.95 lb.
Smoked Blackcod/Sablefish
$24.95 lb
Smoked Lingcod
$19.95 lb

Smoked Oysters
$37.95 lb
Nova Lox
$35.50 lb
Oregon Pink Shrimp
$9.95 lb.
Shucked Oysters
$16.95 lb.
Oysters in the shell
$15.95 doz.
Steamer Clams
$11.50 lb.
Dungeness Crab
$45.00 lb

And Much More!!!

In Our Freezers

  • Chinook Salmon $29.95 lb
    Chinook Salmon Steaks $29.95 lb
  • Pink Shrimp $9.95 lb
  • Scallops  10/20 ct $31.95 lb
  • Med Petrale Sole $12.95 lb
  • Lrg Petrale Sole $13.95 lb
  • Yellow Fin Tuna $15.95 lb
  • Albacore Tuna $11.50 lb
  • Ling Cod Filet $12.95 lb
  • Rock Fish Filet $9.25 lb
  • Calamari Steaks $11.95 lb
  • Razor Clams $34.95 lb
  • Sable Fish Filet $17.95lb
  •  Pacific Halibut –Out till season opener 6/20/23
  • Halibut Bits-n-pieces OUT till season opener
  • Chopped Atlantic clams $10.75lb
  • Chinook salmon burger SOLD OUT
  • Dungeness crabmeat $45.00lb

    And much more!!!

We have an excellent selection of frozen seafood products that can be shipped today!