Scott Boley

Managing Partner, Fisherman
1948 – 2007

Scott Boley, a model husband, father, fisherman, businessman, community member…and a visionary.

Scott’s presence remains strong at Fishermen Direct.  Every piece of fish that is sold has Scott’s mark on it in many ways.  Scott was behind the refrigeration, the packaging, the smoking, the canning, the displays, and the shipping methods. Scott was the inspiration for many things.

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Dixie Boley

DIXIE BOLEY, Managing Partner

Welcome to Fishermen Direct, our fresh fish store, started in 1998 as the dream of four local Gold Beach fisher people – John Wilson, Jeff Werner, Scott, and Dixie Boley. At that time John fished the F/V Helen Marie. Jeff fished the F/V Deanna Maria. Scott was fishing F/V Frances with me, Dixie, as his partner/wife in our Mom and Pop family operation.

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John Wilson

Partner, Fisherman

About 11 years, ago three veterans of the Oregon commercial fishing industry sat on the dock facing severe industry problems — declining prices for their troll caught Chinook salmon, lack of markets for their fish, and farmed-raised salmon, replacing wild-caught fish, selling for lower prices and containing artificial dyes.  To top it off there was no place to buy fresh fish or sell commercially caught fish in coastal Gold Beach.

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Jeff Werner

Partner / Fisherman

We, Scott Boley, John Wilson, and I started what would evolve into Fishermen Direct with some basic goals. To provide the finest wild salmon, crab, albacore tuna, and rockfish to the customer for the best possible price. To educate our customers on the seafood they were eating and the fisheries issues that would help keep that seafood available. To increase the profits of our fishing businesses (through the ’90s the quality of our products off the boats continued to get better while the dock prices went south).

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Bruce Perdikis

Partner / Operations Manager

My name is Bruce Perdikis and I came to work for Fishermen’s Direct Seafood in April of 2003. As of January 1st, 2010, I am now a proud Partner in the business. Back in April of 2003, the cannery building was being remodeled and Fishermen Direct needed some interior work done.  Scott Boley hired me for my skills as a carpenter to build the Market’s new shipping room.  This project turned out well and led to many more.

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