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Updates of what is available for our local fishing seasons and any new products

  • Fresh NOVA LOX  Temporarily out. made from our Troll caught Chinook Salmon with our in-house cold smoke process. $35.50 lb We will be out soon due to Salmon season closure
  • FRESH SABLE LOX, Temporarily out. Silky smooth and cold smoked with a hint of fresh garlic added  $30.50 lb Sablefish (blackcod) Nova Lox
  • Oregon Pink Shrimp 2023 season is open. Fresh shrimp is now available. Frozen is available in 1 lb and 1/2 lb deli packs.
  • Black Cod / Sable Season March thru November. We always have frozen fillets and smoked available year-round.
  • Albacore tuna Season has arrived with fresh catch’s coming in. Fresh and frozen loins and smoked tuna available.
  • Pacific Halibut Season has arrived and we have fresh and frozen fillets now available. $23.95 Lb for fillets
  • Lingcod and rockfish Fresh daily with summer N.W. winds permitting.