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Updates of what is available for our local fishing seasons and any new products

  • Dungeness crab are here and we have our live tanks full. Cooking daily for our retail store. 2024 season ends August 14th for boats to harvest
    Fresh NOVA LOX  made from our Troll caught Chinook Salmon with our in-house cold smoke process. $45.50 lb
  • FRESH SABLE LOX, Silky smooth and cold smoked with a hint of fresh garlic added  $30.50 lb Sablefish (blackcod) Nova Lox
  • Oregon Pink Shrimp 2023 season is open. Frozen is available in 1 lb and 1/2 lb deli packs.
  • Black Cod / Sable Season March thru November. We always have frozen fillets and smoked available year-round.
  • Albacore tuna Season is about to start with warmer water arriving off the Pacific West coast.
  • Pacific Halibut Season 2024 is here and we have frozen fillets now available. $22.00 Lb for fillets
  • Lingcod and rockfish Fresh daily weather permitting. Summer winds keep the boats in Port frequently