Dungeness Crab!


Crab Season: Open Imagine serving fresh Dungeness crab for your next special meal and enjoy the bold, succulent flavors bursting from this gourmet seafood delight.

Our Dungeness is FRESH and fabulous! We own state-of-the-art Live Crab Tanks which the crabs dwell in after they are brought from the ocean. The tanks are seawater filtered with biological filters that remove ammonia and allow the crabs to purge their body waste. Purging ensures the meat will have a delicate, sweet, and satisfying taste. We then cook the crabs in salt water and when they are done, they are put immediately on ice to seal in the freshness. Our crab has a phenomenal flavor and our standards of perfection are high so you know you are receiving an excellent product.

Just let us know how many Dungeness Crab you want to serve tomorrow! Shipped from the fishermen, direct to your door. UPS Next Day Air

Call us today for your in store pickup, Shipping crab is over until new season (dec 2024)

Whole cooked Crab – $12.95 lb Crabmeat $45.00 lb (check availability)

Recommend crab be shipped backed and cleaned, Cost of shipping and product not included in ship box cost. We will ship whole crab uncleaned upon request. No order is to small, if you only want one crab we can ship that for you. Better value with shipping if you get more than one

P-25 small box with 2 gel ice is $12.00 (holds 4 crabs)  AK-5 box with 4 gel ice holds (8 crabs is $16.00), PN-30 box with 6 gel ice holds (12 Crab Is $21.00) , PN-33 Box w/6 gel ice Holds (18 Crab is $22.00) , PN-34 Box w/8 gel ice holds (24 or more is $24.00)

Create a custom order: phone Fishermen Direct at 1-888-523-9494 for prices