John Wilson

Partner, Fisherman

About 11 years, ago three veterans of the Oregon commercial fishing industry sat on the dock facing severe industry problems — declining prices for their troll caught Chinook salmon, lack of markets for their fish, and farmed-raised salmon, replacing wild-caught fish, selling for lower prices and containing artificial dyes.  To top it off there was no place to buy fresh fish or sell commercially caught fish in coastal Gold Beach.

These three guys – Scott Boley, Jeff Werner, and John Wilson – became “Fishermen Direct Seafood” and took on these obstacles as partners.  Their combined energy grew this business into what it is today.  Our retail store and processing plant provide the finest quality fish available.  Our products are wild ocean harvested and we provide a market for fishermen to sell their products at home in Gold Beach.  That’s my story and I’m stick’n to it!