Oregon Pacific Halibut

Oregon halibut are Pacific Halibut, the same specie as landed in Alaska and Canada. Due to a limited quota, the season for Oregon Halibut is extremely short. Sometimes, the season may only be one or two days long in a year.

When the season is open, Fishermen Direct buys all the halibut that two or three boats can land. We get these halibut within hours of being caught. We process, vac-pack, and freeze most of the catch absolutely as soon as possible. This time factor is what makes our Halibut so delicious.

With super fresh fish, very high-quality freezers, and vac-packing our halibut is as good or better than “fresh” from Alaska or Canada.

Due to the remoteness of Alaska ports, fresh from Alaska or Canada often means fish that are 7 or 8 days old, due to delays in transportation and distribution.

Halibut are a remarkable fish, and Alaska / Canada Halibut are still good, but not quite the “super fresh” halibut that we can get locally.

Frozen Deli pack fillets $23.95 Lb

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