Premium Chinook Salmon


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Our wonderful troll caught Chinook Salmon are delicious anytime, anywhere.

Canning preserves this quality for your enjoyment throughout the year. Lightly Hardwood Smoked or all Natural Premium these cans are nutritious as well as delicious. One important fact to remember is that our Chinook Salmon are WILD. This means they have NO antibiotics added to keep them alive and NO Dyes added to color their meat as farmed salmon would have.

7.5oz cans of Premium Salmon $16.50 ea or 3oz cans with flip-top lid $8.50 ea

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Case of 24 7.5oz Cans, 1/2 Case 7.5oz Cans, Case of 24 3oz Cans, 1/2 Case 3oz Cans