Scott Boley

Managing Partner, Fisherman
1948 – 2007

Scott Boley, a model husband, father, fisherman, businessman, community member…and a visionary.

Scott’s presence remains strong at Fishermen Direct.  Every piece of fish that is sold has Scott’s mark on it in many ways.  Scott was behind the refrigeration, the packaging, the smoking, the canning, the displays, and the shipping methods. Scott was the inspiration for many things.

Scott’s personality was strong, yet gentle.  Decisive, yet understanding.  Scott’s mind was never at rest.  Opportunity surrounded Scott. 

Scott participated boldly in the fishing and coastal communities as an advocate for the fish, but with a win/win attitude.  Scott believed that everyone needs to win.

Enjoy your Fishermen Direct purchase.  Have a bite for Scott.  It’ll make him smile.

The Boley Famly aboard the Francis in about 1989